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Rock Bottom is the Beginning.

You can do this.

You ARE doing this.

You are worth more than you give yourself credit for.

You are capable of amazing things.

JK Rowling is a favorite author of mine, who became a renowned, world famous author of the best-selling Harry Potter series (among other titles). She didn’t come from wealth, nor did she have her success handed to her.  It was only when she experienced the hardship of hitting rock bottom that she felt compelled to dig her way out and start shining from within.  Poverty, drugs, heartbreak, loss, there are so many factors that can push us down if we let them. Things happen to us, it is life. The great news is that you don’t have to let them bring you down any longer.

Having a hard time paying your bills? What can you do TODAY to move towards financial freedom?

Having a hard time using your will power to say no? How can you accomplish this day without giving into temptation?

Feeling like you’re going no where and no one cares? How can you find motivation and support where there seemingly is none?

These are tough spots that we find ourselves in, but they’re not the end.

How are you going to take this moment, right now, and turn it into positive reinforcement for your future? Here is how I attempt to turn that feeling of hitting rock bottom, the lonely place where we question everything we are and do, into positive, motivational momentum:

1.) Remove the negative self-talk from your vocabulary. It serves no purpose and only brings you further down. Believe in yourself.

2.) If you can’t say positive things because it’s too difficult right now, then say nothing at all. Silence is okay. Be at peace with each moment as it passes.

3.) When it seems possible, begin replacing the silence with positivity. Compliment someone in passing. Smile at yourself when you accomplish the smallest of accomplishments. Recognize improvements, no matter the size, with kind words about yourself. Whether you journal, meditate, or have a conversation with a loved one; recognize growth with positivity.

4.) Repeat these daily. Once you repeat these steps enough they will become habit, and once they are habit they become your character and mood.

Please enjoy this free, printable motivational poster I’ve made just for you! I am a firm believer in positive affirmations and the power of positive self talk.  We are either our greatest advocates or are worst critics. Choose wisely how you’re going to treat and talk to yourself throughout this life.

Download Free Motivational Poster Here




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