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Five Natural Heartburn Remedies

I’ve been a long time sufferer of acid reflux and heartburn. It sucks. It is usually triggered by too much of a good thing; spicy, dairy, heavy starches, being pregnant, general over-indulgence… you get the idea. Add onto that being 36 weeks pregnant, and it’s a recipe for a flaming stomach and esophogus.

The prescription and over-the-counter medication road has been travelled here for many years, but in the end I am not a fan of taking pills every day. Additionally, studies that were recently released showing a correlation between the use of these medications and potential increase in certain diseases such as dimentia later in life have left me hesitant to gamble with those odds for simple heartburn relief. I’ve seen GI doctors, I’ve had scopes, the answer is always; “Yep, you have acid reflux.” And they send me off with a prescription of a lifetime’s worth of medications. No thank you, I’ll figure it out myself, I guess!

*Disclaimer* I am not a medical doctor. This advice is based on my experiences and my health history alone. Feel free to try these remedies at your own risk, you know your body best!

After many, many google sessions and books worth of articles read, I’ve been using these remedies to curb heartburn and acid reflux pains, along with avoiding trigger foods when possible:


1.) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – This may taste disgusting to most people, but this wonder liquid is a great quick fix for painful, burning heartburn.

How I do it: Either in a small glass or shot glass I put in a tablespoon (or so, it’s not vital that this is exactly measured) of ACV and fill the rest with water to taste. For me, I can handle the taste so I just add a splash or so of water and throw it back. Quick and easy. Others pour an entire 8 oz and sip a less strongly saturated version. Both get the job done.

2.) Chia Seeds – These may get stuck in your teeth but you can buy in bulk and very rarely have to buy more.

How I do it: Eat one tablespoon of raw chia seeds when symptoms present or if you know you may get heartburn soon (when consuming trigger foods). There are NO negative side effects of this wonderful seed, only benefits!

3.) Aloe Vera Juice – This is done in moderation, due to a potential laxative affect but it works marvelously. Aloe vera is soothing “burns” both externally and internally!

How I do it: I purchase organic aloe vera juice and drink a couple ounces as necessary to help relieve heartburn pain. It can be mixed with water to avoid any unwanted taste (but I don’t notice the taste too badly). Another option that is not as healthy is prebottled aloe vera juice that is mixed with a flavor. These usually taste great but have added calories and/or sugars, so beware of overdoing it if you’re watching either of these numbers.

4.) Papaya Seed Enzymes – Little chewable tablets (usually) made from papaya’s.

How I do it: Take one tablet with a meal and the enzymes will help you digest your food properly.

5.) Smaller meals and staying upright longer.

How I do it: Don’t eat giant meals and don’t eat right before bed! If you’re suffering with heartburn still while going to bed, don’t lay on your right side… it’ll pour the burning lava of death right up your stomach and into your throat, and it…will..hurt. Choose the left or lay on your back while elevated to feel relief.

If all of this fails there may be more going on than simple heartburn and a return to your doctor may be in order. I wish you luck on your journey to freedom from the stomach-churning lava pain that is heartburn!


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