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DIY Calming Chamomile Bath

It happened. I was hit with some postpartum anxiety this week; coupled with immense exhaustion from nursing a newborn and caring for a toddler meant I was in near-meltdown-mode.

I needed a way to relax and allow my body to recuperate, even if it was only for 20 minutes. My solution was a soothing bath soak. Only I found out I had run out of any and all bath soaks I owned and my husband couldn’t find any at the closest grocery store–or so he claimed.

I was desperate to still create a mini-spa bath for myself so I decided to create a chamomile bath soak. We had purchased an organic chamomile plant start this spring at our farmers market and I had recently harvested some blooms. The plant was only a couple dollars and was very low maintenance. You can also purchase dried chamomile to have on hand for a bath, but it’s so much more fun to grow your own. 🙂

We also have lavender but the harvesting isn’t as easy so I went with the chamomile this time around. I didn’t dry my flowers, these were barely harvested a week ago, and while not exceptionally fragrant this bath left me the most relaxed I have been in a long time!


Organic chamomile flowers (I used three but you could use more)

Cheese cloth

Epsom salts

Optional add-ins: baking soda, vitamin e oil, lavender oil

The whole process to create this bath soak was under 5 minutes. It was super cheap and easy as well! Here is how I did it:



1. Harvest around 3-5 chamomile flowers if you haven’t already. You could use chamomile tea bags in a pinch, but I’m unsure of the potential outcome. Here is how to harvest your chamomile.

2. Cut a square of cheese cloth.

3. Place flower heads in cheese cloth and gently crush.

4. Wrap up flower heads and tie off cheese cloth. This is your chamomile bath ‘tea bag’ of sorts.

5. Turn on bath water (I notice that the hottest I can handle is the most relaxing in the end) and put your tea bag under the running water.

6. Toss in a handful of Epsom salts (and optional add ins now).

7. Soak for at least 15 minutes while staying hydrated. The longer you soak the better you’ll feel.

8. Apply coconut oil/Shea butter after bath for silky skin!


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