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DIY Daily Moisturizer

This will be a rather short post, but I wanted to quickly share my favorite creation, my new face cream! I recently ordered some 100% organic, pure shea butter from Poofy Organics and wanted to create a daily moisturizer with very minimal ingredients.

This didn’t require many ingredients, was quickly mixed and I was able to finish it with a toddler and baby in tow. I say this to give you hope that it’s simple. 🙂


Here are the ingredients:

(You can always swap out the essential oil with a different scent or different healing quality that you desire.)

1 part shea butter
(Poofy Organics Pure, unrefined, organic Shea Butter)

2 parts unrefined coconut oil

teaspoon vitamin e oil

5-7 drops of Frankincense essential oil
(Poofy Organics Frankinscense EO)

Glass container for storage


Put all ingredients into a bowl and blend with a mixer until thoroughly mixed and resemble a whipped cream consistency (a minute or so). Store in a glass jar/container away from heat (it will liquify due to the coconut oil). Apply 5-10 minutes prior to applying make up to allow it to soak into your skin fully.

A little of this moisturizer goes a LONG way, so do not over-do it. I used it and my face instantly felt smoother within hours. I genuinely mean this, not to oversell the benefits of these ingredients but as a testimony to the healing properties! I would recommend this to anyone who may suffer from dry skin or combination skin. I can’t testify to overly-oily skin users, but I can say that I am sometimes prone to oil and this did not create any oily residue for my face. I know this seems shocking considering it contains “oil” ingredients, but I assure you it soaks into your skin and leaves it extremely silky smooth.

I have shared the ingredients I purchased to make this product above, so feel free to purchase and help support my growing business. Let me know if you liked the daily moisturizer and if you added any other essential oils or ingredients!


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