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DIY Healthy Hydrating Popsicles 

My two year old has been teething for what seems like months upon months now and we’ve become experts at ways to soothe a grumpy toddlers gums. Popsicles! There are a ton of other remedies, but most kids would agree popsicles are delicious. We’re on a teething hiatus now, hence me having the sanity to even write this post, but with our newborn here we’ll be sure to reuse these old tricks.

You can also add onto the teething, the fact that it’s summer and getting hotter out, and decide that we can always use another popsicle choice. I wanted something tasty but still healthy, with no added sugar because my 2 year old acts like a complete maniac with excessive sugar intake. Plus, I don’t do well with food that is high in sugar. I also used coconut water because it’s a great way to replace lost electrolytes and rehydrate.

Behold, my version of a healthy, hydrating popsicle for ages 1-100:


  • Popsicle mold (this recipe is for one with 4 compartments)
  • Coconut water (mine was unflavored but you can choose flavored for more sweetness. Just be aware of sugars.)
  • Organic Strawberry lemonade
  • Three large strawberries diced into small pieces
  • A handful of blueberries


1. Fill the bottom half of each popsicle mold with coconut water, then add strawberry lemonade to fill each mold about halfway.

2. Add diced strawberries to each.

3. Add layer of blueberries to each.

4. Top off with a splash of strawberry lemonade.

5. Place popsicle stick and freeze for at least 3 hours.

6.Once frozen and ready to eat, run briefly under warm water to remove from mold.

7. Enjoy your deliciously hydrating popsicle and get a serving of fruit with it!


I’m going to be trying a banana smoothie popsicle soon, so stay tuned for more DIY’s that will cool you off in the summer heat!



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