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Gift Ideas for Men

I love giving gifts! Part of me sharing on this blog is spreading (what I hope is) happiness and joy, so this here is a gift for you.

It’s a shame I’m not rich because I would be awesome at giving everyone I know presents that fit their personality. Since I’m not Oprah, I love giving DIY gifts which I know many other do too (hello, Pinterest!). Shopping for someone, wrapping the gift, and waiting for them to open it is a gift to myself, honestly.

It can sometimes be difficult to buy for the man in your life, but it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you don’t have time to brainstorm gift ideas, in which case this list will give you a great jumping off point. These gift ideas work for birthdays or holidays like Christmas, Father’s Day, Hannukah, anniversaries, promotions, just because gifts, etc. You can easily purchase most of them from Amazon and help support my blog in the process –at no extra charge! I do the legwork and you get to give a great gift. It’s a win-win for all of us, so let’s get started.

Here are some fun gift ideas for the man in your house based on 10 different personality characteristics and 3 budget constraints with a DIY option also (because I like lists within my lists, obviously):


$: Affordable

$$: Splurge

$$$: Big Spender

DIY: Varies depending on project

1.) The Chef/Foodie:

  • $ – Cookbook of his favorite cuisine/diet and an apron
  • $$ – Cooking gadget like the french fry cutter, subscription to cooking app or magazine,and/or organic bamboo cutting board (you could also opt for a personalized one!)
  • $$$ – Outdoor grill and/0r a stainless steel cookware set
  • DIY: Cook Dad/Birthday boy his favorite meal! This will be especially noticeable if you’re not usually the cook of the house. 🙂

2.) The Movie Buff:

  • $ – Movie theatre gift card and assortment of his favorite candy.
  • $$ – Copy of favorite new movie(s) with a fan-related gift. (Example; Star Wars buff may enjoy a fun shirt or fun clock/wall art, or there’s always the Chewbacca mask!)
  • $$$ – New Tv (yes please!), surround sound system, noise cancelling wireless surround sound head phones, and/or a popcorn machine.
  • DIY: Make a dvd of a collection of home videos or funny video clips and edit with an app like iMovie and present it to him as a surprise.

3.) The Bookworm:

  • $ – Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift card, book light, quote wall art poster.
  • $$ – Hardback copies of a couple of their “wish list”of books, fine art inspired by their favorite book/character/series, a package of their favorite tea/coffee, coffee mug with a rolled up tie or pair of socks inside the mug.
  • $$$ – Kindle Fire, kindle cover, literary cuff links, leather tote bag or messenger bag
  • DIY: Make a hollowed out book that he can store things in, using a tutorial like this one may make it easier: “How to make a Secret Book Safe.”

4.) The Fitness Guru:

  • $ – Fitness ball, workout dvd, fitness magazine, and/or muscle rehab remedy like Poofy Organics Rub-ology
  • $$ – Gym membership or personal trainer/session, punching bag with gloves or a sleek new training jacket.
  • $$$ – Treadmill, fitbit or a therapeutic massage chair to help heal their muscles after a long workout.
  • DIY: Offer a coupon for a back massage (or 2) post-workout. If you’re not close enough to do that you can sew them either a gym bag, here is a tutorial, or an upcycled zippered pouch to hold their necessities when they go to the gym, tutorial for that here.

5.) The Techie:

  • $ – Wooden phone stand, portable charger, usb diffuser with essential oil to boost work performance.
  • $$ – Solar charger with battery back up, levitating globe LED light, and/or ultra slim portable double charger
  • $$$ – Alexa, biometric safe, or the 3D printer like the Flash Forge 3D Pro
  • DIY: Repurposed USB “Message in a Bottle” gift, tutorial here or this awesome DIY ’tilt shift’ camera lens, tutorial here.

6.) The Outdoorsman:

  • $ – Hunting knife, paracourd, mountain house food, Poofy Organics Bug Spray
  • $$ – Mountaintop tactical backpack, binoculars, Walkie talkie
  • $$$ – Tent, hiking boots, kayak
  • DIY:  A survival or first aid kit that fits into an altoid tin or something similar.

7.) The Beer/Wine Connisour:

  • $ – Beer mug/stein or beer growler, corksicle, case of favorite beer or wine, the beer bible, or organic beer soap.
  • $$ -Home brewing  kit, electric wine bottle opener, personalized rustic beer carrier, and/or wine gift set.
  • $$$ – Vineyard/brewery tour in a nearby city (or send them somewhere!), beer keg dispenser, avanti wine cooler, and/or a fancy beverage cooler (beer fridge).
  • DIY: Wine cork ‘cork board’ or give them their own hops plant to grow and make beer from, information about that here.

8.) The DIYer:

  • $ – New tool belt, Do-it-yourself manual, and/or healing Everything Salve from Poofy Organics.
  • $$ – Carhartt work jacket and Dremel Flame Multi-Function Torch
  • $$$ – Steel Tool Chest on Wheels, Worx Aerocart, Stihl TSA 230 cordless cut off machine
  • DIY: Wooden tool carrier with either burned on or painted personalization.

9.) The Car Enthusiast:

  • $ – Torin creeper seat, organic Aromatherapy Air Freshener from Poofy Organics, “no blind spot” and/or rear view mirror.
  • $$ – Digital tire inflator, personalized garage sign and/or a vintage car horn (found here)
  • $$$ – Car shelf for garage  and an industrial garage fan.
  • DIY: Key fob, tutorial here.

10.) The Trendsetter:

  • $ – Poofy Organics beard oil, or galaxy cuff links
  • $$ – Hand carved wooden bluetooth speaker, leather Vans, personalized pocket watch
  • $$$ – Weekender travel bag, Daniel Wellington watch, Fujifilm Instax mini, Prefix cycle,  or usb typewriter keyboard
  • DIY: Knit/crochet a slouchie beanie for them, or try making a monogrammed leather bound journal, you can use a tutorial like this one to make the journal.



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