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NARROW – Weekly Photo Challenge

The photo I chose for my first ever Weekly Photo Challenge is of a Venice waterway, from our trip to Italy. What a beautiful city. I immediately thought of European streets when I read “narrow” was the inspiration. Everything is narrow in that part of the world it seems! Streets, staircases, elevators, if it’s somewhere you may take a giant suitcase it’s probably going to be narrow.

I love our pictures from Venice because the buildings bring a subdued pastel palette to the deep blue water below; it’s always picturesque. The vintage feel of old buildings brushes up against fresh, crisp water.  The boats park in a zig zag formation drawing the eye to an archway leading to an unknown place. To the people who live here this likely isn’t beautiful, but to us it was uniquely comforting to witness throughout the city. We only spent a day there but I’d love to return.

Espresso Shot

Weekly Photo Challenge


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