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Motivational Monday – 8.8.16

Seven years ago on August 8th my husband and I were married in a small, intimate lake-front wedding ceremony. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary and we have grown so much as individuals and as a couple. Our family has grown from just the two of us and our two dogs, to the addition of two little boys and a whole lot of love and craziness. We’ve traveled Europe (every couple who wants to test your marriage should travel throughout a country together), we’ve purchased our first home, ended old chapters and started new ones together; surviving through it all together no matter what.

I wanted to start something to lift my spirit each Monday morning, something that left me motivated for the week to come, so I’m starting Motivational Monday’s. My goal is to motivate myself and anyone reading to feel lifted up and propelled forward into the day and ultimately, the week ahead. The world needs more positivity and hope. This is my contribution.

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Since it is our anniversary, I can tie in today’s motivational message to my relationship with my husband. The phrase, “A little progress each day adds up to big results,” cannot be more true when it comes to managing a marriage and family. There are external and internal stressors that will inevitabely enter your life, you can’t control this, it will happen. You can either choose to succumb to those stressors and let it chip away at your marriage and your happiness, or you can wake up each day and decide to tackle that day and only that day. You can wake up and decide to stress over bills, to-do lists, deadlines, and your health; or you can decide to take a deep breathe and look at the present moment in that day and choose what step propels you forward in that moment.

Financial troubles? What is the one thing you can do TODAY to work towards your goal? Trying to live healthier? What is the NEXT healthy choice you can make for your very next meal or purchase? Want to learn a new skill? Can I squeeze in 20 minutes of practice today? Take little steps consistently and remove the stress of the overall picture, and results will happen no matter your issue or goal.

For applying this to a marriage, one could decide daily to make a meal for their signficant other with love, or remember to ask the other how their day was (and genuinely listen and care about their answer). You could write a post-it note or send a short email saying something sweet every morning, or you could do something that makes their morning/evening routine easier (no matter how small). For us, it’s very difficult to feel like two adults in a relationship when we devote so much time to two kids under 3 years old. What I do and hope to improve upon is asking how his day is and how he’s doing. I don’t want to lose sight of what matters with all of the busyness going on around us. I hope to have a loving marriage that lasts as long as we exist on this planet together, and to accomplish longevity we require little acts of love to fill up the cup that is our life together.

What’s the action step for motivational Monday then? Take one small step, one that won’t stress you out, and do it consitently and watch the positive changes happen. When we make our habits work for us, our life can seem less hectic.  Suddenly our goals are being met and we’re less worried about the future. It is possible.

Be less worried and enjoy now.


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