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Motivational Monday: 8.15.16

Up until this moment, as I sit here typing this post, today has not been what I would describe as motivational. Irritating, hectic, sleepy are more the adjectives that come to mind. Nonetheless, to remain positive and keep myself accountable here we go…

I’ve never been a wealthy person, in the sense of finances. Personally, I find one’s health to be a million times more valuable than money could ever be, but maybe that’s a seperate post entirely. Point being, even though I’ve never been financially well off, I have accomplished dreams that I would never have imagined possible if I always referred to them as only “dreams.”


Not to toot my own horn, but I pride myself on being told I can’t do something and then getting it done. I have attended and graduated from college despite being told as a troubled teen that I’d never make it to college and having no financial support–aside from grants and massive student loans (hello crippling debt!). I have toured nine different countries throughout Europe despite not holding down a fancy but time-consuming, stress-inducing career. I met the love of my life and we’ve built a life together even though obstacles such as military life have tried tearing us apart.

If you want something bad enough, it IS possible to get it. Most of us fill our heads with all of these excuses why we aren’t worthy of something or how it isn’t in the cards for us; why? You deserve to be happy, I deserve to be happy. That’s the goal of life, isn’t it? To find happiness.

If your dream is to paint for a living, but you’re stuck in an office job you hate, you may feel as though you can’t change things. You have bills, responsibilities, people to care for and things to be accountable for, I get it. But why do some people get to have the dream while others don’t? Some may argue well they’re more talented, and I would have to disagree. While we’re not all going to be Picasso’s, if we make a plan to habitually practice painting on our off time and get our name out there when we were free, I bet with time the dream would come to fruition. It’s about making the dream be less of an idealic image in the sky and more of a tangible goal you can plan for, because whether you believe it now or not…you’re worthy of it. You’re worthy of achieving your goals.


Isn’t that the real obstacle? It isn’t talent, time, or money. A major obstacle in and of itself is telling ourselves that we are capable and deserving of sucess and happiness. Childhood can do that to us. Our experiences have shaped our self-talk and our self-worth, so now we have to work at changing things from the inside out. For me, I have a difficult time truly enjoying happiness because with my anxiety I inherently expect something bad to happen in the near future. I can’t envision happiness without impending doom. I’m learning to teach myself that I’m worthy of the happiness without the punishment of impending doom.

If you have a dream, try to think of the smallest (or biggest if you’re ready to dive in) step you can make towards that goal. Make it real. Make a plan and make it happen. Maybe if people have more hope in themselves and in the future, our world will be a little better for it.



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