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Easy Fall Activity for Toddlers 

The weather is already getting chilly, and this afternoon brings more rain for us. I want to get out and enjoy the outdoors as much as we can until it gets too cold. 

I’ve decided to try mini “lessons” with my two year old and since yesterday’s homeschool co-op lesson was on bugs, I went with an outdoor theme a little less squeamish (for me) and chose to talk about the season, fall. Technically we’re not there yet, but we have leaves falling and evidence of weather change so we went ahead and explored anyway.

What we did:

– Pick a place to explore. We chose our back yard because it is big enough but if you don’t have one a local park will do great.

– Bring a basket and magnifying glass, you could also take pictures.

– Discuss the leaves falling from the trees and see how many different colors and shapes of leaves you can find.

– Show how different leaves feel different; some crumble and crunch, while some are soft and bend.

– collect objects that have fallen on the ground that remind you of your environment during fall; examples are different types of small sticks, rocks, moss, flowers, leaves, pinecones, wood pieces, etc

– Bring all items inside and discuss what you’ve found. Compare, feel, describe, etc.

– Get a large piece of paper and glue items such as leaves (they work easiest) to the paper for an art activity. 

– You can also put the objects into a clear vase or dish for decoration.

We had a great time and I easily wore the baby while we went out for our fall walk.   


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