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Homeschooling, baby wearing, & staying motivated

With the holiday I skipped a Motivational Monday, but I’m here today! I recently made the (rather huge) choice to homeschool my two year old while having my 3 month old here as well. I’m not forcing him to do “lessons” persay, but we’re working on having more structured days with focused playtime themes.

I have found that if I can get the toddler to do an exciting activity like independent water play first thing in the morning, I can feed the baby during that time. Then once we transition to play time I can wear the baby for nap time. –I find my Ergo 360 (seen below) to do the job well enough. I am most definitely not one of those individuals who obsess and spend hundreds on fancy carriers. Totally not necessary. I’m looking for function over fashion in this area, although I think that black looks best with any outfit. We also have a Moby but I don’t find it as easy to bend over and do more physical activities with the toddler.

The other helpful tool for our sanity and mood is music! I found a few Pandora stations that we like for background music such as classical music, toddler radio, and kids folk radio. We also jam out to Let it Go radio in the evenings. These radio stations have tons of educational songs and rhymes that do the teaching for me. It has gotten him excited about ABC’s and various nursery rhymes. I love how easy it is. We invested in an Amazon Echo because I knew hands free/voice activated freedom was going to be vital for me to survive the toddler years. It’s a godsend when we’re at our wits end, battling tantrums, to just tell Alexa to play Pandora and distract with an impromptu dance session. And I mean that for real, we really do that and it most definitely cuts down on the tension and tantrums. Browse information on the Echo and accessories here:

It’s going to take a lot of will power and organization, along with coffee, to make this a consistent thing. It takes patience, which I lack some days. But I read an interesting article last night on the ACE evaluations, connecting childhood experience to future health concerns and I’m determined to give my children a healthy and happy childhood. Whether we want to admit it or not, parenting has direct mental and physical implications on our children now and later in life. I try not to dwell on this, because it’s overwhelming if you think of that sort of pressure, but it can’t go unnoticed. It’s my responsibility, because I chose to have children. This is what keeps me motivated when I’d rather turn the tv on and check out for the day. I also love a challenge, which I have to keep reeled in but it’s nice to keep fueling my determination.

You are capable of AMAZING things!

If I can do this, you can do whatever it is you’ve got on your plate this week. Stay focused, stay motivated, and keep caring for yourself and it will happen.

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