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Motivational Monday 11.7.2016

5:30 am wake up.

I failed at happiness this morning. I failed fabulously.

You know what I succeeded at? Getting over it. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves the grace of making mistakes so we can recognize our imperfections and continue working on ourselves, daily.

Daylight savings time is not my favorite right now, but we’re working on adapting to find a groove again. It will happen, in time.

My motivation for today, for this week, for me and for anyone reading is to have patience when it seems impossible. Give yourself and those around you a break, knowing that we are human and we make mistakes. Try not to get angry or flustered at someone else’s mistake or bad choice, because you are not free from those same flaws. We’ve all made a bad decision at one point; some of us more than others.

I am realizing that patience goes hand in hand with grace. When we’re impatient we expect everyone around us to both be perfect and conform to our needs and standards. That isn’t how life works. We can either make life miserable for ourselves and those who encounter us by choosing to be impatient, or we can give ourselves and those irritating us GRACE. Grace to go at their pace, grace to fail, grace to be their own person even if it doesn’t suit us. This is hard with a strong-willed, very active toddler, just as it might be hard with a co-worker, sibling, significant other, or stranger we meet throughout our daliy interactions.

The person not moving fast enough for you may not be able to or may simply enjoy the gift of a “leisurely stroll,” and the kid who is pushing your buttons may be having a hard time and is trying their best to communicate this they only way they know how. Life presents these tiny forks in the road where you must decide the course of your day with each reaction you choose. Choose to be graceful and therefore choose peace, or choose impatience and thus choose discontent, anger, stress, and unhappiness. The option seems clear when laid out like that, but it’s harder to do in the moment.

May you find patience somewhere deep down in your soul, for the days when the kids wake up well before the sun and your day seems to be tainted with Murphy’s Law. Patience leads to peace.

Motivational Monday –

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