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Why Your Makeup Choice Matters

We live in a time when information is readily available for us at the touch of a screen. If we want to delve into the internet to figure out what a long scientific name is from the ingredient list of a product, we can do that. It’s not a surprise then that according to this Allure article, most millennials have begun researching and shopping for more “green” beauty products. When we know more about the world around us, we can make choices that align with our views on why is healthy and good for our body and lifestyle.


I can imagine this post won’t be popular with some people, but I feel it needs to be written. I feel it needs to be written because until someone opened my eyes to the consequences of my beauty product choices, both on myself and the world around me, I had zero inclination as to how serious it could be. Yes, makeup use can have serious implications. I shopped based on the price and what it made me look like– and that’s it.

Makeup exists for us to be creative and express ourselves, usually on a daily basis. It allows us to cover flaws that make us insecure and to boost our confidence so we feel our best. There is an entire make-up industry devoted to catering to this need to help us express ourselves this way. It’s wonderful to have such choices! An entire industry created just for us to have thousands upon thousands of choices. That is until you dig a little deeper and realize most conventional makeup choices have multiple down sides to their usage.  Those downsides affect your body and your planet in a horribly dangerous way. That’s not fear-mongering, its reality.

I personally choose to wear a certified organic brand, Poofy Organics because of both the transparency of their ingredient lists and the ethics of their company. I became a GUIDE because I want to share the products and educate others on the facts I didn’t know prior to seeking out organic products.


There are five overall guidelines I would suggest, at a minimum, buyers consider when shopping for cosmetics.

ANIMAL TESTING: Yes, this happens. It is a regular occurrence in this industry, for innocent animals to be used for testing products. Products need to be tested to prove they won’t harm our eyes, cause reactions, and injure us as consumers. Here is a list of common animal testing that is routinely happening behind closed doors. But it’s perfectly fine for these animals to be injured in the process. This isn’t for the good of all people, to cure cancer, this testing is for someone to feel pretty when they put on their mascara.
It is imperative that we as consumers choose companies that we know refuse to test on animals. Our money speaks louder than our words unfortunately. Here is a list of companies known to test on animals, Poofy Organics is not on it and never will be because they don’t believe in endorsing animal cruelty. Take the pledge to be cruelty free here and feel free to browse the Poofy Organics site for quality, cruelty free products.

LONG-TERM HEALTH: It is no surprise that our health can be directly influenced by products we put onto our skin, and therefore into our bodies, on a daily basis. I never once used to even glance at the ingredients on the back of my cosmetics. Why would I? I thought if it was on the shelves it couldn’t possibly harm me. The term “harm” it turns out is quite subjective. Many chemicals added to products are in fact toxic and cause long-term health problems such as hormone disruption, cancer, Alzheimers, not to mention an array of short term health issues.

Cancer is real and it can steal your life away, if you can prevent exposure to caricinogens then it makes sense to try. Not all chemicals are toxic, but there ARE ones that are proven to cause cancer and yet they are still allowed to some degree to remain in our products. Breast cancer is indicated to be related to hormone disrupters found in personal care and beauty products. Some may argue the evidence is not there to support these claims and the only reason this is even remotely true is due to the absence of research done on the long term affects of each ingredient  in question. The argument is that the ingredients which sues cancer in lab rats may not do so in humans due to a lower amount of said ingredient being used and he potential for differences among animals and humans. Myself and others have no desire to play Russian roulette when it comes to our health and future; you may decide for yourself. Find more info on cancer and beauty products here, here, and here.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Good for you and good for the planet. In order to have and maintain this seal there is third party testing involved, as well as extensive ingredient transparency and comparison. The process is thorough and ensures the customer is getting the highest standard of manufacturing and quality ingredients.

While many products claim to be “natural” or “organic” the terms mean nothing without the USDA seal which indicates the product is legally qualified to be labeled as organic through its entirety. Real certified organic ingredients cannot contain toxic fillers. You’re getting what you pay for- high quality ingredients. Here is an article for more on organic versus not.

 This is vital in today’s fast-paced consumer-obsessed world. How much waste is your current makeup regiment creating? Do you know? According to this article, “the cosmetics industry created 120.8 billion units of packaging,” and this was written years ago! Imagine what has accumulated since. It’s disgusting and disturbing to think what planet we’re leaving for future generations.

Poofy Organics uses recycled and biodegradable products to package its products. They don’t distribute those little plastic samples, because despite it being consumer friendly to try something prior to purchasing, it is horrendous for our planet. They also hand make their products right here in the USA. That cuts down on transportation which cuts down on pollution, which our world is in dire need to reduce. That is why I stand behind this company.
FULL TRANSPARENCY: It is shameful at best and unethical at its worst how most companies refuse to give out ingredient lists and refuse to disclose ingredients–even allergen-specific ingredients–when inquired by a customer. Poofy Organics is not only a gluten-free product line, Poofy also allows customers to see this for themselves by never hiding ANY ingredient. Your skin is an organ just like any other in your body, it absorbs what you apply to it; it is important then to know in full detail what you’re actually putting into your body. If a company won’t share this information with you, that shows they have something to hide. Poofy Organics hides nothing and you will either love their products or not, but you won’t get a surprise allergic reaction or have to lose sleep over worrisome health anxieties.

If you want to look for yourself here is a link to browse the Poofy story and see for yourself why this small business is branching out across the country. With it we can look beautiful without the guilt and worry of regular, toxin filled makeup.


I don’t make much promoting this company, partially due to the fact that it’s a minor aspect of my already busy life. (I’ve got two babies and an Etsy shop already!) I do it because my conscience says I should. I feel obligated to share with you readers something I’ve found to be a gem in a marketplace of toxic sludge. Try it or don’t, but there is never harm in giving it a shot and finding yourself healthier and happier in the process.

BUT, saying this, if you’re not into Poofy Organics, then do some research over at the Environmental Working Group and search their lists for various makeup products. There you’ll find reputable research done on the ingredients in your personal care products, which allows you to make a choice based on what is best for you AND what works, rather than what looks pretty on the shelf or on the model. You can also download the ThinkDirty App which can help you while shopping for makeup. You scan the product and it will give you the info on ingredients and whether or not it’s “dirty” aka filled with toxic ingredients.

There are many people who sell products that they truly believe are wonderful and I feel bad to suggest otherwise, because we’re all doing our best to make a living doing something we enjoy. I get it and it can be hard to hear or see that your favorite brand is guilty of deception. The truth is though, I feel obliged to inform people of the severity of making those makeup choices. It doesn’t make anyone a bad person (aside from those companies intentionally hiding toxic ingredients!) it makes us human and when you know better you can do better! Remember your skin is your body’s largest organ and it DOES matter what we put on it; so let us choose wisely.

Let me know if you have any questions about Poofy or how/why I became involved with their company as a GUIDE. I’m here to talk! We aren’t a massive “MLM” company, the products aren’t over-priced nonsense to cover crazy commissions and there is zero pressure to recruit people. It’s a small community (with only around 350 GUIDES in the entire country!) of women who want to change the face of the current beauty market by offering consumers what we do greatly need, a quality USDA certified organic line of personal care and beauty products.

Here is a video made by Poofy Organics if you’d like to hear more: Poofy Organics.

Please take the time to research what you’re putting onto and into your body. I want to help you help yourself!


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