Pruning Back the Clutter and the Chaos

Here to chat about happiness again! I watched a documentary recently that I loved on Netflix called Minimalism and it inspired me to make a couple changes. I’m not ready to be a minimalist but I can respect the need to declutter my life.

I did the predictable of getting rid of some clothes I don’t wear and books I don’t read, but I also examined my life and asked myself what else was taking up not only physical space but my time as well? What was occupying space in my life that was not bringing me joy (or that brought me stress) that I had the freedom to cut from my life?

I’m sad to say that this season in my life is looking to be far too busy with parenting tiny people to find joy in selling Poofy Organics anymore. I absolutely stand behind them as a company and will still use their products, I even hope to be a consultant down the road again, but right now we will be parting ways. I feel like a quitter or a failure but realistically the match is not perfect for where I am on my path at this present time. My children need me more than I need to sell.

Not to mention the negative stigma so many people carry about independent consultants now. It’s exhausting seeing such negative and downright rude comments on stay at home (or even not) sales consultants. I stand by the fact that it’s not a scam and the products are worth it. But as I don’t have the time, energy, or honestly the passion to battle with friends/family/strangers to convey this message, I’m on a hiatus for now.

Additionally, I examined my behavior and noticed things that dragged down my mood and productivity were cell phone use and watching tv needlessly–having the news on in the background type of thing. What did I do then? Here’s how our year has kicked off and the four ways we’ve decluttered our lives so far…

1.) Got rid of cable tv! Yes, this actually was wonderful. We said goodbye to that heinous monthly bill and purchased an Amazon fire tv. Check it out here –>Amazon Fire TV | Streaming Media Player We have Netflix and will be getting Hulu along with an antenna. Less tv has meant a much more compliant and happy toddler and more productive parents. The news (hello political arguments galore) is stressful to me, I will choose where and when I get my news from now on. It’s a win all around.

2.) Less cell phone use. I limit my browsing to nap and bedtime, and bedtime has basically dropped off due to me not desiring to browse anymore. I still check my Etsy shop and blog throughout the day but I spend more time with my kids and they can tell. Sometimes we make funny Snapchats and of course, we call people, but I’m no longer aimlessly reading all day. It helps to have a spot on the counter to keep it, rather than in my hand or a pocket.

3.) We gave things to our local thrift store. Physically clearing things like clothes that don’t fit or don’t get worn, books you’ve already read or will never read, and other nonsense will clear up your house and make you feel refreshed.

4.) We cut out activities and priorities that made us overly busy. I cut out being a consultant and my husband has freed up his time more as well. Now we have more time for relaxing family activities! We filled it with things like family workout time, which keeps us healthy and we spend time together.

I’m excited to see how this year progresses. Hopefully, we can keep the momentum up!


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