It’s a Small World

It is a small world! In a good way.

This morning I was responding to a Facebook message about some adorable dinosaur letters that I was purchasing for the toddler’s upcoming third birthday, and I inquired about where to pick up. Little did I know that the address that would soon pop up would be a few houses over from me! I’m admittedly horrible about introducing myself to neighbors. Blame social awkwardness or being too caught up in my own life… either way I don’t know my neighbors and that’s kind of sad. Fast forward to this morning, well this neighbor has a child similar in age to mine and we seem to have a few things in common. We’ve been living this close and never realized the other was here as a potential playdate!

As a stay at home mom, it’s isolating at times and PPD/PPA makes it even more difficult, but it clearly doesn’t have to be. God and the universe are basically shaking me saying, GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORTABLE BUBBLE! It will be GOOD for you!

What a small world it is though, one that social media helps bring back together when we’ve isolated ourselves. The same may happen to you one day. You think you’re interacting with a stranger and it turns out they somehow know you or someone close to you. Don’t you hope you act accordingly? With kindness and empathy? Let’s strive to get past the nasty attitudes that this recent election has poisoned us (yes, everyone) with, and get back to loving thy neighbor (ha!). We’re all in this together whether we know it or want it or not. Let’s choose kindness instead of anger or isolation.



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