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Free Happiness Journal Sheet

I’ve written on the subject of happiness and gratitude, and the importance of incorporating different mindfulness exercises daily, so I figured decided to make an example of a mindfulness journal page.

Many planners on the shelves today have areas for items “to-do” while I’m now a fan of the “I’ve done” list instead. Dwelling over the undone to-do list used to be a real hurdle I had to overcome as I laid my head down to sleep; now I don’t feel the stress or guilt because I shifted my thought process. Rather than focusing on what I haven’t completed I chose to focus my thoughts on what I did complete. It’s fine to have a to-do list so that those of us who can’t remember things actually get tasks done, but it’s not helpful to stress over them. Stress kills. It kills your mood, your health, and your goals.


One  planner I use frequently has a small section for gratitude. I love how open-ended it is and how it allows me to stop thinking about things I need to do or get and focus on what I already have. Here’s a motivating article on how incorporating more gratitude into your life will have many benefits. You’ll be a person that more people will enjoy being around because you’ll actually enjoy being with yourself.

In this printable journal sheet, I’ve added a section labeled ‘wisdom’ because I always use a spare post it or scratch paper on my bedside for thoughts I have or questions I need to google. It’s silly but I actually had a psychology professor who would write down every idea, random thought, the question he thought of, and so on and collected them all (and carried them around in his backpack he used for the class) to access if necessary. This method is a more organized way to keep a record of certain ideas, facts, questions, etc. that you might have as you look back at your day for access to later.

Health is another label I used because some of us enjoy tracking our workouts, logging water intake, or writing down our daily steps. It’s important to take daily inventory of how we are treating our bodies and how we feel physically and emotionally each day. When we begin to make ourselves accountable, then and only then will we see that change is necessary. On the flip-side, if we are making progress then it is a fantastic motivator!

Lastly, there is a ‘don’t forget’ column because let’s face it: we forget stuff. I love the feeling of writing down something so I don’t forget it. I adore making lists and I instantly feel better once I’ve written something down as if putting the pen to paper removes the nagging thought from my mind. Remind yourself of anything you want, even if you’re just reminding yourself to be happy and live in the moment.

I hope this journaling sheet is a helpful tool in getting your spirit lifted and organizing your life. Take time for yourself because you’re worth it! free-printable

**This is a gift for personal use only. Do not duplicate with intent to sell, please!**

Click this link to download the printable pdf entitled “loveyourself”!

Free Printable Journal Page


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