Motivational Monday 1.30.17

January is nearly over and I have already skipped some work out days. I am on the verge of being the cliche new year’s resolution maker. To be fair, I have cut out wine and kept that up the entire month, which I’m pretty proud of to be honest! I give myself a little grace, life happens.

I stand by the idea that setting new year’s resolutions help us reach our goals, even if we do experience setbacks. A fresh start such as the beginning of a new year always feels like a motivational spot to get our goals back on track. We’re pumped to try again for something better this time, and why not bank on that enthusiasm? Even if you don’t make it the full year… you TRIED! The key is to not give up.

What tools can we use to help us not give up? It’s not easy but there are things we can do to set ourselves up for success. We can surround ourselves with people who motivate us, lift us up, and inspire us to be better individuals. We can tell ourselves repeatedly that we will not quit, no matter how hard our journey may become.  Finally, we can create a support system or a lifeline to catch us when we start to “fall off the wagon.”


Take inventory of all the things you have successfully done and recognize you are capable of accomplishing tasks both big and small. Use failure as a step towards the goal and a way to reevaluate current methods. No matter what do not give up. Don’t quit, do it!

Have a happy and productive week everyone.



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