The Best Way Out is Always Through, and other thoughts.

Did you know that it’s physically possible to survive on 2-3 hours of sleep a night? I’m currently proof of this unfortunate phenomenon known as being a parent to small children who don’t enjoy sleep as much as I do. Long  name, I know. Add onto this the fact that we had a full moon and daylight savings time…we are a family of zombies. 

I saw this quote while perusing Pinterest and it resonated. I know it’s a cheesy, often quoted phrase but I still felt a connection to the words. 

In my opinion, these words don’t only reflect the need for us to push through complicated and difficult situations, but also the need to engage in the here and now. If we are aware and mindful of our current surroundings,  maybe we can stop freaking out a little bit. Acknowledging we don’t have control and that is going to have to be okay with us.

I wish I could have magical powers and get my kids to sleep. I wish I had that sort of control but I don’t and I won’t. If I continue to dwell on the negatives I’ll waste time I could be living and experiencing the rest of life. Yes, I’m tired and yes it truly sucks to be this exhausted, but it is life and I can’t control life. I also choose to embrace it because I can’t run away from it.

I see life as a wave that brings us back and forth through various seasons, and I’m in a rough season at the moment but in time this will be the past that I look back at fondly. The truth is that life is meant to bring us through things in order for us to grow and evolve into our truest and best self. That cannot happen without struggle and suffering, it just can’t. 

I hope that whatever you’re going through you can see it for what it really is, a season in your life that will pass quicker than you realize. We can push through the thick of it and embrace life’s obstacles as part of the journey. 


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