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5 Ways to Avoid Waste – My Journey to Less Waste

I’m working on being a less wasteful person so I’m going to share a weekly list with you showcasing different things I’ve learned to lessen my negative impact on the earth.  If we can be fluid in our habits rather than stuck in our ways, we can incorporate new changes over time without feeling too burdened. It is possible. We have to do it for ourselves and for the future of our civilization, there are currently 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean! In 2014 the United States generated 258 million tons of municipal solid waste. We have work to do, every single one of us and there is no denying it. Try these out and make them fit into your life and your daily schedule:

1.) Bring a coffee tumbler to your coffee stand instead of using their paper (or plastic) cup or better yet make coffee at home and use the coffee grounds in your garden.

2.) Ditch plastic straws and if you must use straws then opt for stainless steel ones like this one:

3.) Bring your own produce bags instead of using the plastic ones in the store. (No more fighting with the plastic trying to open the bag!) I use ones like this:

4.) Save paper bags and/or newspapers for creating a workspace for little hands to make arts and crafts, or to protect spaces from pets. Also, I take the leftover newspaper (that I didn’t order but still gets delivered) and weekly ads, and donate it to the thrift store who uses it to pack valuable items up at checkout.

5.) Do you have a stack of books you’ve read and would like to get rid of? Before dropping them off at a local thrift store (which they may or may not get bought at and may be trashed anyway) see if you have a local used bookstore where you can trade them in for credit to purchase new (to you) books to fill your library once again! You will save money AND be reducing waste by not purchasing new.

I hope these tips are relevant to your life in some way and are easy to incorporate into your busy life. Good luck on making the changes!


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