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5 Ways to Avoid Waste – Week Two

I’m back! I didn’t forget to post this week, which is truly an accomplishment. 🙂

We’re off to preschool playdate shortly so let’s get straight to the good stuff, here are this week’s top five ways you can reduce waste in your life and cut back on your negative impact on the environment:

week two

1.) Use Beeswax food wraps to transport food and to keep leftovers fresh in the fridge. I use these but there are, surprisingly, a variety to choose from on the market:

2.) Instead of using plastic utensils when grabbing food on the go, opt for reusable bamboo utensils that come in a carrying case you can store in your car. We have these ones:3.) If you’re a parent to young kids, try out cloth wipes instead of disposable. Use any old but soft fabric you have or small baby washcloths work great. Try using what you have lying around but if you need to buy new these would work well as reusable wipes: 

4.) Buy refillable staple products instead of one-time-use. An example of this is handsoap; buy or make your own large batch and use a mason jar or similar reusable/recycled container with a hand pump. Or if bar soap is your style, even better!


5.) Use Wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Not only do they hold a bunch of toxic chemicals and then spread them all over the clothes you’re about to wear, they’re not reusable and therefore wasteful. Try these ones out to boost your dryer’s performance, cut back on static and you can even add essential oils for fun scents if you want your clothes to smell a certain way:


Try one or all of these out this week and let me know if you have any other suggestions! I love hearing what works for people and new DIY hacks for replacing wasteful everyday items. 


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