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Purple prompt – Ready for Spring

I can’t wait for the sun to escape from behind the almost constant blanket of gray clouds more than once every couple weeks. It’s technically Spring, but we’re still in the showers part before the popping up of flowers. I usually don’t mind the rain and the cold, but my mood and my children are ready for sunnier days.

The prompt “purple” reminded me of our garden beds and one of my all time favorite flowers, lavender. I guess lavender is technically not purple, but look at this up close shot…seems purple to me.

Lavender from our garden beds, the bees favorite spot to hang out. –

Our local bees cannot get enough of our lavender when it blooms! We leave some just for them so they can continue using the nectar for making their honey from this hardy plant. It’s helpful for our garden having them visiting frequently because they end up pollinating everything for us; we both win.

I look forward to the vibrant colors and uplifting power of nature that comes with the arrival of Spring flowers. I also can’t wait to make all things lavender! Lavender in my tea, lavender syrup, dried lavender aromatherapy… so many projects, so little time.

via Daily Prompt: Purple


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