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5 Ways to Avoid Waste – Week 3

It always feels nice to start a week off with a few more boxes checked off of the to-do list than the week before. This weekend we had some greatly missed sunny, springtime weather that allowed us to finally get some outdoor projects completed, which gave us a small sigh of relief. Unfortunately, I’m feeling like Spring cleaning forces us to come to a difficult crossroads between being wasteful and being sustainable. It’s very difficult when you want to trim off the clutter but you don’t want to be wasteful, but with everything, it is a journey that can be made in baby steps or leaps and bounds; as long as the journey continues forward.

I’ve tried to come up with some not-so-common ways to avoid waste this week, or at least ones that you may not have thought of yet.  I wanted to add, these items listed below are affiliate links but I am genuinely sharing these because they have been used in my journey towards less waste and I have taken the time to make it easy for you to browse for them or similar items for yourself. Any purchases are the same price they always are and a small percent is sent to me so I can continue encouraging others to make lifestyle changes that will save our planet through blogging.

Check out the list below!

5 ways to

  1. Use a tea infuser instead of tea bags. The individual packaging and the individual tea bags themselves are not necessary. As someone who loves tea and uses tea bags, this is something I’m working on! I have this tea infuser but I need to buy more:

2. If you’re throwing a party, purchase a package of mason jars instead of disposable cups; they’ll look better and you can reuse them instead of having a ton of garbage leftover! (I opt for non-colored mason jars due to the alleged potential lead content of the colored ones.)

3. Reuse egg cartons as seed starters to get your garden started this Spring. They drain nicely and are small yet leave easy access to moving the starts when they’re ready.

4. Reuse pasta jars the same way you would use the large mason jars for storage. They’re a great size and you can stay organized by using them!

5. If you know any kids (or adults who act like kids) that love jumping rope, I recently saw a DIY project where you take plastic grocery bags and upcycle them into a jump rope.


2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Avoid Waste – Week 3

  1. Great stuff, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    I feel so inspired reading this post and looking through your blog at how you are trying to reduce waste. It feels like we live in a world where everything is over packaged so I really appreciate these ideas to generate less waste where possible.

    I love drinking loose tea and infusers are such a good way at producing less waste. I personally like teapots with built in diffusers and would recommend checking those out.

    Loving the content, keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

    PS – On a related note, I’m on the hunt for feedback for my new show The HERO Podcast! It’s all about creating healthy habit. The episode about minimalism may be of interest to you where I discuss the minimalist lifestyle and common misconceptions. You can check it out (and maybe leave a short review if you like) here:


  2. Love your ethos. We’re trying to live greener as a family and have also embarked on a weekly challenge to swap things we use for greener alternatives. We compost our teabags but I hadn’t thought about the paper that goes into them so will be using the tea infuser more from now on. Being an English family that’s a lot of tea bags we will no longer be wasting!


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