5 Ways to Avoid Waste – Week 4

Happy Monday! I’m excited to kick off this week’s journey to less waste because I feel like Spring is finally here and I’m ready for change. Although we did get a downpour of hail this weekend, it wasn’t all rain and storms…and what does Spring usually come hand in hand with? Spring cleaning and spring projects, with spring planting and gardening! Spring is when we crawl out of the cozy house and emerge ready to grow a yummy garden, or at least that’s me.

Therefore, this week’s focus is going to be on reducing the waste we create with these Springtime activities so we can kick off the season without the guilt.TYPE- MACCHIATO

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1.) April showers bring May flowers, so if you haven’t put out a rain barrel yet get to it! We’ve had ours out all winter and will use it for watering if we have another scorching Summer this year. This is the one we use:

2.) Use heat-treated (only!) pallets that businesses are tossing out to build your own compost bin. Our method is to have a tiny container under the sink, a medium container outside the door, and a large bin in the yard to collect the compost in. This is similar to what we use to collect food scraps but I found mine at a thrift store:

3.) Similar to last week’s post, I have yet another way to reuse “waste” to get your seeds going for your garden; rinse out your yogurt and/or applesauce cups and plant seedlings in them! Ideally, you would make this from scratch, but if you can’t (because let’s face it being a parent is exhausting enough) then at least try to use the waste and extend its life.

4.) Think of the birds! Reuse a plastic bottle to make a bird feeder and donate your small strips of cotton/burlap/chemical-free fabric scraps to birds to make their nests.

5.) Lastly, before you donate any of your decluttering piles to places like Goodwill, please try to think of creative DIY/upcycling projects for them or find a person to give them to directly via sites like Facebook or Craigslist. An example of a great upcycling project is taking that old T-shirt you no longer wear and sewing up the bottom and cutting the sleeves off to make a reusable shopping tote. Simple, reusable, functional and it can even be trendy if the shirt is fun!

Have you tried any of these tips before? What is your experience with them? Hope you have a great week and make some progress on your journey to less waste!


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