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Free Inspirational Poster – Fix Your Thoughts on God

It’s Tuesday and the sun is peeking through the rain clouds and shining on my window. I feel content. I’m content even with a messy house, no makeup on, and a long to-do list left undone. I’m so blessed to feel this way in a world full of despair and loss. I have enough food to fill my belly and my family has clothes to cover their bodies. My house is in one piece and I have the ability to grow my own food. I am blessed with what I have been given even if it’s not the nicest, fanciest, or best.

Not every day is this easy and some days the thoughts swarming around my mind trick me into believing I’m less than others, I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough, and I’m never going to be worth anything in this world. I’m learning, slowly but I’m learning, that if I shift my thoughts onto God and let him take the burden of my anxiety I can finally breathe once again. Anxiety feels like the air is being sucked from my lungs and my heart is beating at full speed and I have no control no matter how hard I try. Anxiety settles in and refuses to leave. It likes to occupy so much of my mind that I lose track of the day until the day is wasted.

When I allow God to seep into the spots where anxiety has chipped away my confidence, hope, and self-worth, I start seeing the light at the end of a long dark tunnel. The sadness slowly fades and the prospect of a fulfilled, meaningful life becomes a reality. I am worth it. I deserve it.

I am worth it.

I deserve it.

You are worth it too. I’m sharing a free printable poster I made, feel free to hang it anywhere you want, somewhere you look often, to remind you to shift your thoughts. I love positive affirmations and positive self-talk and it has helped me immensely on my journey with anxiety and depression. Let’s surround ourselves with daily reminders of God’s love for us. We’re not alone even when we feel alone.


Download your free printable poster here

**Downloads from ORGANICALLYBLESSED.COM are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Print out as many as you like for your personal use only, including gifts for others once printed. Please do not post for resale or redistribute via other channels.**




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