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FREE Printable Mother’s Day Card

Long time, no see. I have been slacking in the blogging department. In all honesty, I believe in my living life kids first, then everything else follows. Not surprisingly, it’s a horrible work ethic when it comes to getting my projects completed. I’m working on some mom-guilt-related things that make it hard for me to step away and take time for my own endeavors. I own that. Life is all a work in progress, it seems, and the progress is sometimes slower than we’d like.

I’m learning that it’s ok to have ME time. Learning, but have yet to pursue said ‘me time’ very much. I did get a massage last week though! I was so tense I hurt for days after, but it’s progress. I also did an entire yoga sequence yesterday, in the sun at that! Progress.

I have so many projects going on in my mind and a long to-do list (right next to my grocery list) that I forget things sometimes. I forget to buy a card, but hey, I remembered the present… that counts enough, right? Right. Details, details, I suppose.

So this morning I was thinking, what could I do to revamp my pretty much stagnant blog and share something worthwhile with my (handful of) readers? With Mother’s day this weekend I figured I’d give you one less thing to buy and remember; a free funny Mother’s Day card printable! If you need a card still, make mom laugh this weekend with this pretty printable. All you do is click, download, print, and cut. Grab a potted plant and stick this in front of it and BAM, prepared for Mother’s Day.  You’re welcome!

Free Mother's DayPrintable Card (1).png

I designed this for all of you. We’re all doing life together, so why not help each other out? Help somebody out today, whether you are holding the door or giving them a compliment when they’re feeling down, it’ll make a difference.  I promise. If you have the choice to be nice or mean, choose nice even if it sucks for you. Small sacrifices. 🙂

Let me know what you’re doing for your mom this Mother’s Day in the comments. We can all use some fresh ideas!

Click here for the card: PropsMomCardPrintable

Free mother's day printable card
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