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12 Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

There are many great lists out there right now on what to get dad for his special day, so I wanted to add my own spin to it; an eco-friendly (or at least eco-inspired?) gift list. My husband is the greatest, most supportive husband and father –it’s true don’t judge me!– so naturally, I’d love to get him everything on this list and would if I could. But since I can’t, I’m hoping I’ll inspire a few readers to gift the father’s in their life some of these awesome products. I attempted to stay close in line with your typical father’s day wish list, I simply researched more sustainable options to help you decide. I hope it helps!

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Full disclaimer: Yes, this list contains affiliate links. You purchase as usual and I make a very tiny commission. Your support is greatly appreciated.

1. A propane grill instead of a charcoal. Charcoal simply burns dirtier than propane, so if you’re going to get your dad a grill, opt for the cleaner option!

2. Enerplex Solar Powered Backpack – How awesome is this? If he loves camping, or he’s into fun tech and loves the outdoors, this bag will be a hit. It has a 30L capacity, it has “3 Watts of Solar Power delivering 5V, 500mAh in direct sun, providing direct charging via standard USB port.” Check it out!

3. Bottle Breacher – Brass Bottle Opener. This is a fun “upcycled” gift made right here in the USA out of a vintage brass 50 caliber BMG, as seen on “Shark Tank!” What a great way to shop small and get dad a unique present.

4. Insulated Coffee/Beer Mug – While this is made in China, which is disappointing, I love the idea of encouraging our dad’s of the world to use a reusable coffee/beer mug rather than reach for the disposable kind. Plus, this one looks pretty cool.

5. A quality wallet (and shhh, it’s also vegan) – Check out this wallet that is made in the USA, funded by a kickstarted campaign, and looks fancier than most leather wallets I’ve seen.

6. Marley “Liberate” Headphones- Help him relax to his favorite music or just tone out the world with these sexy and eco-friendly headphones. It is made of canvas, FCS, and stainless steel.  With the purchase, you’ll be helping donate to the One Love Foundation which helps underprivileged nations bring wells, orphanages, and education to their communities.

7. Oak Bottle Original Master Infuser – This made in the USA product is handcrafted from American Oak with the purpose of turning any average wine, spirit, or even beer or bbq sauce and turning into a “top-shelf vintage in as little as two hours.” It’s not made of plastic and it keeps you from throwing out that cheap bottle of wine you found in the garage; I’d say this sounds like a great product to have in your kitchen toolbelt.

8. Mason Jar Cold Brew Kit with Bamboo Lid – If your dad loves coffee, spruce up his summertime morning routine with cold brew ready to go in a hip mason jar. This setup comes with a bamboo lid and stainless steel filter, and it’s a great price with a nice star rating. Yum.

9. We Recycle Coffee Mug – It’s fun to give gag gifts along with the fancy ones and this mug is a great idea for the eco-conscious dad in your life. It’s ceramic but unfortunately not made in the USA.

10. Organic Cotton Hammock – If your dad likes to relax outdoors, this single organic cotton hammock will fit his needs perfectly. Use the stand to set it up or hook it up to some trees in the back yard for a sweet retreat after all that hard labor.

11. Beer Cap United States Desk Map – What a gorgeous way to upcycle! This piece of art utilizes used beer caps and wood, this is manufactured right here in the upper midwest of the USA. As seen in Real Simple and Food Network magazines.

12. Natural Sandalwood Beard Comb – If your father is sporting a beard or would like a nice comb for his gym bag, this fancy sandalwood comb comes with varying teeth widths and a nice carrying case. A bonus; it apparently smells amazing! It’s the sustainable and stylish way to comb his beard.

Good luck on your father’s day gift-giving journey and hopefully I’ve given you some helpful suggestions to kick off your search. Let me know if you find anything fun and unique that your dad loves!






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