Motivational Quotes to Inspire Creativity

Naptime in our household still involves the toddler nursing to sleep, a minimum 15-30 minute ordeal that I’ve inadvertently agreed to do for what seems like forever now. I shamelessly use this time to read anything I can find on my phone, or I scroll mindlessly through social media regretting it instantly. 

Today during naptime reading I found a few motivational quotes to encourage creativity when you get to that wall, or when you receive that criticism that stings a little bit, or when you are scared about what’s coming next and you can’t push past it. Fear of failure can be paralyzing! 

I’m such a visual person that I really enjoy seeing the quotes in a graphic, so I’ve created a few for anyone else who may also enjoy viewing them that way. Screenshot them and put them as your background, or download them and print them so you can place them in your daily line of sight, or just read them and soak it in! 


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