Motivational Quotes to Inspire Creativity

Naptime in our household still involves the toddler nursing to sleep, a minimum 15-30 minute ordeal that I’ve inadvertently agreed to do for what seems like forever now. I shamelessly use this time to read anything I can find on my phone, or I scroll mindlessly through social media regretting it instantly.  Today during naptime…… Continue reading Motivational Quotes to Inspire Creativity

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How to Refresh Your Morning Routine

*This post contains affiliate links that I may receive a small commission on if you purchase them. I only suggest the highest quality products or services that I genuinely use myself and recommend for a variety of reasons. This helps me keep my blog running, I appreciate any and all support! Beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeep!!! The…… Continue reading How to Refresh Your Morning Routine

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30 Days to Higher Self-Esteem Challenge

Recently I was laying in bed after getting the kids to sleep and couldn’t shake the disgusting feeling of overwhelming guilt, shame, and disgust with myself. I couldn’t pinpoint a reason, but the emotional response to my thoughts was visceral. ┬áThis isn’t a new occurrence, either. Mom guilt consumes┬ámy thoughts and there are days when…… Continue reading 30 Days to Higher Self-Esteem Challenge

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Sensory – Dropper Activity with Tea

There are some mornings where my children are like tiny unicorns, magically entertaining themselves without fussing; that’s not most mornings. Today I thought I’d try to keep my three-year-old from pestering his baby brother long enough for me to drink my new obsession, my chai tea latte. Yes, this activity was inspired by me getting…… Continue reading Sensory – Dropper Activity with Tea