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30 Days to Higher Self-Esteem Challenge

Recently I was laying in bed after getting the kids to sleep and couldn’t shake the disgusting feeling of overwhelming guilt, shame, and disgust with myself. I couldn’t pinpoint a reason, but the emotional response to my thoughts was visceral. ┬áThis isn’t a new occurrence, either. Mom guilt consumes┬ámy thoughts and there are days when…… Continue reading 30 Days to Higher Self-Esteem Challenge

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Sensory – Dropper Activity with Tea

There are some mornings where my children are like tiny unicorns, magically entertaining themselves without fussing; that’s not most mornings. Today I thought I’d try to keep my three-year-old from pestering his baby brother long enough for me to drink my new obsession, my chai tea latte. Yes, this activity was inspired by me getting…… Continue reading Sensory – Dropper Activity with Tea

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FREE Printable Mother’s Day Card

Long time, no see. I have been slacking in the blogging department. In all honesty, I believe in my living life kids first, then everything else follows. Not surprisingly, it’s a horrible work ethic when it comes to getting my projects completed. I’m working on some mom-guilt-related things that make it hard for me to…… Continue reading FREE Printable Mother’s Day Card

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Free Inspirational Poster – Fix Your Thoughts on God

It’s Tuesday and the sun is peeking through the rain clouds and shining on my window. I feel content. I’m content even with a messy house, no makeup on, and a long to-do list left undone. I’m so blessed to feel this way in a world full of despair and loss. I have enough food…… Continue reading Free Inspirational Poster – Fix Your Thoughts on God