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FREE Printable Mother’s Day Card

Long time, no see. I have been slacking in the blogging department. In all honesty, I believe in my living life kids first, then everything else follows. Not surprisingly, it’s a horrible work ethic when it comes to getting my projects completed. I’m working on some mom-guilt-related things that make it hard for me to…… Continue reading FREE Printable Mother’s Day Card

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Free Inspirational Poster – Fix Your Thoughts on God

It’s Tuesday and the sun is peeking through the rain clouds and shining on my window. I feel content. I’m content even with a messy house, no makeup on, and a long to-do list left undone. I’m so blessed to feel this way in a world full of despair and loss. I have enough food…… Continue reading Free Inspirational Poster – Fix Your Thoughts on God

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Teaching Your Toddler Responsibility Through Chores

Toddlers are a busy bunch, always on the go and learning about the world around them. It’s a great time to begin tracing them the importance of being a part of the team, which is what we call our family, our team. According to Nancy Darling, Professor of Psychology and author of over 60 scientific…… Continue reading Teaching Your Toddler Responsibility Through Chores

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Free Happiness Journal Sheet

I’ve written¬†on the subject of happiness and gratitude, and the importance of incorporating different mindfulness exercises daily, so I figured decided to make an example of a mindfulness journal page. Many planners on the shelves today have areas for items “to-do” while I’m now a fan of the “I’ve done” list instead. Dwelling over the…… Continue reading Free Happiness Journal Sheet

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Motivational Monday 11.7.2016

5:30 am wake up. I failed at happiness this morning. I failed fabulously. You know what I succeeded at? Getting over it. Sometimes we have to allow ourselves the grace of making mistakes so we can recognize our imperfections and continue working on ourselves, daily. Daylight savings time is not my favorite right now, but…… Continue reading Motivational Monday 11.7.2016